Client Reviews

Client Reviews

The Word is Out

Joseph + Kananii

Joseph and I want to thank Studio 7 Teen for all the time, patience, hard work, and love they have put in to making our memories last forever. When planning our wedding, we knew that pictures were of utmost importance to us and we wanted the best. Thank goodness we found Shona because she truly is THE BEST! Shona has spent countless hours trying to capture our love and personality as a couple.

Just from the little teaser pictures we have seen so far, I’m convinced that Shona has truly done just so. Her work is artistic, romantic, and unique. Just what we were looking for. She has been so kind, patient, and fun while working with her, we plan to have Studio 7 Teen shoot any other pictures we may need in the future. I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for artistic photography that will have everyone in awe.

-Joseph and Kananii

Justin + Katy

Choosing a wedding photographer is a BIG DEAL because your pictures and albums are memories that you have to hold in the years after the “I do’s”. The excitement of engagement, the anticipation on that special morning before you walk down the aisle, and the rush of love and joy that you feel with your first kiss as a wedded couple. These are all moments and feelings that you want to capture and remember forever, and Shona at Studio 7 Teen does all that and more.

I could just post my album as a review…I feel like it speaks for itself as a glowing example of Shona’s work. But the end product (as beautiful as it is) isn’t the only thing I loved about working with Studio 7 Teen. I felt comfortable…which is a lot to say for being a bride. So much about planning a wedding is stress-ridden, but i can honestly say that as far as photography went it was no problem.

From the consultation to the day that we received our album, Shona was quick to respond to my calls and very flexible to my tight schedule. We chose a package that had multiple shoots; engagement, wedding, and after-shoot. I highly recommend the after-shoot because it allows you to spend more time with your friends and loved ones on your wedding day.

On the wedding day Shona kept cool under seriously trying circumstances (it was 105 degrees that day) and managed to make us all look our best despite the heat. All in all, choosing studio7teen was the best decision I made for out wedding. Thank you Shona, for giving me the pictures that bring back the memories of our special day.

-Katy & Justin

Peter + Felicia

In our opinion Studio 7 Teen photography ranks up there with the greatest greats. When we began our adventure of searching for our wedding photographer we knew it had to be someone special. Someone that could make our wedding day immortal by capturing every detail and preserving our story. It was such a thrill to work with Studio 7teen. The entire wedding party had a great time and were at ease. You were coordinated and well organized.

From location to location you ladies were rip roaring and ready to go. The Studio 7 Teen staff had an immense amount of knowledge about their trade. Every pose and location were well researched and well thought out. This made selecting our pictures for our wedding album extremely difficult because every single shot was absolutely gorgeous.

We appreciated your flexibility. Studio 7 Teen saw fit that we received the package we wanted, and worked well within our budget. When we purchased our wedding day photography package, it included an "after-shoot". Both Peter and myself were unfamiliar to this term prior to meeting you. We are so happy to have met you.

Having the wedding after-shoot was the biggest relief to us and the best investment. On the wedding day we were able to spend the most of our time with our loved ones. At the after-shoot a couple weeks later, Peter and I were well rested and relaxed. The shoot was intimate, no pressure from time. The pictures captured at the after-shoot could in no way be replicated, stunning and timeless.

Thank you so much for being creative and inspiring. Your art will be proudly displayed in our home for years. We look forward to having you at all the major landmarks of our lives.

-Peter & Felicia

Darran + Jasmine

Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on our wedding and engagement photos. I could not be more pleased with the final product. Photography was a huge priority to both Darran and I when we started planning our wedding. You were admittedly a little out of our price range, but you were willing to work with our budget,when a lot of other photographers would not budge. W e decided it was important enough to splurge on photography after seeing your work from previous weddings and we have absolutely no regrets you exceeded our expectations.

First let me apologize for not telling you sooner how much the wedding pictures meant to me. When we saw the slideshow and gallery I felt as if I relived that day all over again(brings tears to my eyes thinking about how great you captured our special day . As we did with the engagement pictures, we counted down from t he day after the wedding until we got your text saying the pictures were ready. We rushed to your studio to watch the slideshow together. I sobbed through the whole thing. You managed to capture that day in a way that was so beautiful and personal "YOU MADE OUR WEDDING COME TO LIFE" . I got to go back to all the little magical moments, to see the faces of all the people I miss so much and to remember the happiest day of my life. I cannot tell you how much it meant to watch that slideshow with Darran , it was like we got married all over again . Those photos have been such a comfort to me while everyday life can get hard sometime. Looking at the slideshow helps us both to smile and remember what's important when things get tough. I can’t wait to fill my house with images from that day. There are so many that I love. Darran and I are so grateful to you and your group of professionals for giving us our storybook wedding through images that will be timeless as we look at them in years to come.

My mom, friends, family have all cried through the whole slideshow too, so its not just emotional me. Everyone who has seen the pictures has loved them. Your work speaks for itself but it's always nice to get a great review. However the review I write for you will never be able to express the dynamite job you did with our photos for not only our wedding but our engagement pictures as well.

When we were hiring a photographer someone wise reminded me that I would be hanging out with that person all day on my wedding, and also that I wanted to be able to look at the pictures 20 years from now and feel like it was just yesterday. That’s part of why we hired you we saw that reflected in your images and felt that as soon as we walked in the door of your studio . You were so much fun to have there, and your experience and incredible calm were so helpful. Even when I was frustrated with how things were going (which of course had nothing to do with you) you knew exactly what to say and how to handle the situation to keep me calm. From the hugs you would give me when I got flustered and started crying,or when my dress would not zip lol. You were such a calming presents to have there. The guys had a great time with Caesar and the girls we loved your mom. The three of you were a joy to have and I am so glad you were able to share our special day with us. I will never hire any other photographer. You will have my business for as long as you are in the business. You are a true professional and an amazing artist. I feel so lucky to have found you and I am beyond honored to write this review. I cannot wait for you to take my pregnancy pictures in a few months :-)

Thank you,

-Darran & Jasmine

Devin + Jasmen

My family and friends used Shona for their weddings, however; my independent spirit moved me to shop around for wedding photographers when it came to my wedding. I wasted my time. I did not find a wedding photography package that compared with Shona's. After several weeks, I called to set up the appointment. I spoke to her for over 30min and her professionalism is what sold me. As a bride, she put me at ease.

My husband and I chose to do the photo and cinematography package and we're glad we did. She was wonderful to work with throughout the whole process. She's a creative genius. Follow her lead. Trust her. Felipe, the videographer, does an impecable job of bringing the day together in a video. We are deeply satisfied with the final product.

Thank you!

-Devin & Jasmen